The Body Toolkit

The Body Toolkit

Increasingly we find stress or stress-induced ill-health affecting our lives and the lives of loved ones: ranging from feelings of stress, anxiety or depression to physical ailments, stubborn weight that might be hard to lose or a constant lack of energy.  The Body Toolkit, a first of its kind wellbeing programme, has developed a comprehensive approach that guides each guest in recognising their own power to respond proactively to any health or weight gripes.  We are delighted that The Body Toolkit has chosen to host their signature retreats at Garmoran Square.

Guests at the retreat experience a nourishing juice cleanse, consisting of a large smoothie every three hours, enjoyable exercise in nature, relaxation and coaching on techniques to combat stress and negative beliefs that may be standing in the way of long-term change.  The unique approach not only addresses the physical aspect of health but also focuses on the role of the mind, which means that results can be maintained after the retreat when guests return home.

The owner of The Body Toolkit, Katrina Mather, has developed a philosophy that is simple and supportive.  “My own journey back to health made me realise that even small changes to the way we treat the body and the way we think, can make dramatic differences to how we feel.”

The programmes have already been hailed as “empowering and truly life-changing” - in the space of just six days, bodies become leaner, minds become calmer and spirits rise as an improved sense of wellbeing emerges.  The most common results of the programme include increased and sustained energy, an average weight loss of 7lbs, lifting of depression, relief from aches and pains, improved complexion and better quality of sleep.

The peace and natural beauty of the Scottish Highlands lie at the heart of the escapes as a recent guest, Wendy, found: “Katrina’s passion is inspirational, the set-up sublime and the experience extraordinary.  Juicing, sleep, walks, good company and quiet reflection in the Highlands is a magical experience.”

The popularity of spa breaks and bootcamps demonstrates a strong appetite for body-image change but rarely do these options make lasting changes to how you feel.  The Body Toolkit method addresses that by ensuring people return home empowered with the knowledge and tools to maintain the momentum of their health goals and weight loss. "After 6 days of juicing, fresh air and superb company - I've lost a stone.  But even better than that I feel myself again, I feel relaxed, I feel healthy, I feel amazing," explains Margaret after her week at the retreat.

Hosted at Garmoran Square in the ‘Outdoor Capital of the UK’ on the west coast of Scotland, the purpose built, 4-star accommodation has the character and charm of an old highland steading from the outside, surrounded by nature, fresh air, wildlife, history and dramatic scenery.  Floor to ceiling windows and tasteful design inside capture the impressive views - and the solid oak floors, under floor heating and log fires make it comfortably luxurious and inviting.

The Body Toolkit fulfils Katrina’s ambition to combine her passion for holistic health with her love of Scotland: “I’m delighted that the retreat has made such a profound impact on our guests so far, their compelling testimonials prove that we have the recipe for something that is genuinely making a difference to people’s lives.”  A six-night, all-inclusive Signature Detox Retreat, starts at £899 per person – for full details

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