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Autumn Rainbows, Ardnamurchan and Moidart, Scottish Highlands - by Amberpark

Autumn Rainbows, Ardnamurchan and Moidart, Scottish Highlands

Posted on 12th November 2017 by

Garmoran Square 10 years on.


Garmoran Square opened its doors for the 1st time in September 2006. Many of our guests ask what was the building used for before we converted it into the self-catering houses? We take that as a huge complement as it was a new build, built on a peat bog but styled to look alike a conversion of an old steading. We wanted it to blend into the rural country side setting.


Some Local History about Acharacle - The name comes from the Gaelic Ath Thorguil or Torquil's ford, following a battle in 1120 at a nearby ford across the River Shiel, between the Celtic-Norse warrior Somerled and the Norse invader Torquil. Here, Torquil was killed in the battle and his followers ousted from the area.

Scotland's Big 5
Scotland's Big 5 - Discover Scotland's Wildlife

2013 was Visit Scotalnd's year of nature in conjunction with SNH (Scottish Natural Heritage). To promote the year of nature the advertising campaign Scotland's Big 5 was developed. On the SNH website it shows you were in Scotland you can see the BIG 5 plus gives a great PDF fact information brochure on each of the above. What it does not tell you are there are very few places that can boast to being able to see all 5.

View from Garmoran
Run up to Christmas

Sorry for the lack of posts in recent months, The run up to Christmas is always a very busy time for everyone and that is no different for us here at Garmoran. Each year we decorate the houses with real 10/12ft Christmas Trees and decorate the outside with wreathes and lights. Mulled wine and mincemeat pies await the Christmas guests.

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