Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

At Garmoran Square we acknowledge that the business we carry out can have a direct and indirect impact upon the environment. We always seek ways to minimise negative impacts on the environment whilst maximising opportunities for improvement in environmental performance. We are committed to providing a safe and healthy living environment. We recycle as much waste as possible and ask that our guests do the same while enjoying thier holiday in our luxury self catering.

We have put a lot of effort into trying to be as green as possible – here are some of things we have in place 


  • Garmoran Square is a very well insulated house
  • Energy is used to heat the water which is distributed between the underfloor heating and for hot water
  • Electrical appliances are always the highest Energy Star Rating we can get and are regularly PAT tested
  • All rooms (including both bedrooms) are individually temperature controlled
  • A program of replacing all lights throughout the Square with low energy LED bulbs has started
  • We are changing out our cleaning products to environmentally friendly ones and currently subscribe to Ocean Save
  • We provide recycling facilities, and every fortnight, recyclable materials are collected at the kerbside, at the top of the gate. Glass bottles and jars are taken to the local bottle banks
  • We implement a ‘bag it and bin it’ policy to advise guests not to flush nasties down the toilet as we are on a septic tank.
  • Garmoran Square was designed to not have long dark corridors that would need a lot of lighting. Instead, they are fed with natural light wherever possible through our floor to ceiling windows or velux windows
  • We provide you with tips on wonderful local walks, places to visit and eat
  • We only ever use local suppliers, contractors, and materials
  • Composting facilities are available
  • We plant new trees every year either at Garmoran or on our croft.

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