Garmoran Square 10 years on.

Garmoran Square 10 years on.


Garmoran Square opened its doors for the 1st time in September 2006. Many of our guests ask what was the building used for before we converted it into the self-catering houses? We take that as a huge complement as it was a new build, built on a peat bog but styled to look alike a conversion of an old steading. We wanted it to blend into the rural country side setting.

10 years on little on the outside has changed, the garden has become more established, trees and shrubs bigger, helping everything look like it has always been there. Over the winter months when things are quieter we take the opportunity to keep up to date with the maintenance of the building, painting and replacing as required. New guests are generally surprised when we till how long we have been open as everything is still so fresh.

Inside, I like to think is an ongoing project ever evolving. As well as painting and replacing we are always looking for ways to make the houses more comfortable and ensuring that everything you require in a holiday house is there. For example, last year we fitted 4” topper to all the beds. This year MacRuairi is getting a new bigger sofa and snuggle chair, again comfort of guests and feedback from guests lead to this decision.

We can honestly say it has been a very quick 10 years and we have enjoyed every minute of it, the best the bit is meeting so many new people and introducing them to wonderful area we call home. We are very fortunate with how many guests return year after year.

So here’s to the next 10 years hopefully they don’t go in quite as quickly

Susan and Kenneth.

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