Dog Friendly Holidays

Dog Friendly Holidays

Dog Friendly Holidays

Dog friendly at Garmoran Square             


We are always delighted to welcome well behaved dogs on holiday at Garmoran Square. We think pets are an extension of the family and shouldn’t be left behind or left out of the fun. We love dogs but unfortunately don’t have the time to have our own at the moment so always enjoy seeing the variety of different breeds that visit Garmoran, as this will help us decide upon which is right for us, when the time is right!

The surrounding area is fantastic for people and dogs who enjoy the outdoors and nature, with beaches to run along, woodland paths to explore and for those who don’t mind a bit of a climb there are some great hill walks. I read recently in a dog owners blog “Scotland is a canine paradise and a great place to visit year-round. You can even visit the Nevis Range Mountain Resort with your dog, if you fancy a day on the slopes!”

Garmoran’s garden although fenced, gated and large, is open for all the four houses to share the garden so that is something to bear in mind. Across the road we have a lovely wooded area full of beautiful trees that doesn’t have paths but is open enough to have a good explore and is great for toilet walks and a good stretch of the legs upon arrival. Mingarry is part of a crofting community so sheep do wonder the roadside and into woods. Longer walks are available through the village of Mingarry and up the woodland path to High Mingarry.

With regards the houses, the floors are nice, and cosy as they have underfloor heating, all the living spaces are either wooden flooring or tiles which is very easy to clean down after your stay. We only ask that the dogs are kept out of the bedrooms, where there are carpets and kept of the furniture.

So, since dog friendly holidays are the perfect way to spend more time in nature. Whether it’s a relaxing day at the beach, or full on mountain hike, there’s nothing quite like a pair of puppy dog eyes to inspire you to spend more time outdoors. we look forward to welcoming you and your canine friends to Garmoran.

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