Fishing In Moidart and Ardnamurchan

Fishing In Moidart and Ardnamurchan

Pier at Acharacle on Loch Shiel

Using the blog this month to answer a question that is often asked by guests before they arrive


“What fishing is available in Moidart and Adrnamurchan?”


Enjoying the outdoors doesn’t just need to be about walking, beaches and the wildlife in the area, you can enjoy these with the added benefit of fitting in some fishing.


Loch Shiel starting in Glenfinnan and ending in Acharacle is the 4th longest loch in Scotland sitting at 18 miles. So, lots of miles to fish to be had!


Offering exceptional brown trout fishing plus the chance to hook a salmon or sea trout. Fishing is by permit and from a boat. Both are available to hire from Loch Shiel Hotel or Dalilea Farm House and guidelines for the loch can be found at Loch Shiel Guidelines.


Even if you don’t plan to fish on the loch it is a great day out in a boat. Plus, can be a great way to visit the more remote areas on the loch or visit the burial island - St Finans Isle.


Where Loch Shiel changes into the river Shiel the fishing rules change and this is private fishing that can be accessed via Shielbridge estate.


There are also a couple of hill lochs on Loch Shiel estate, which can be found following the path up alongside Blain burn. Again, these require a permit which can also be purchased from Loch Shiel hotel.


For those just wanting to have a wee cast from the rocks or piers with the kids to pass away a couple of hours and catch a mackerel or two, there are lots of good locations all along Loch Sunart or around Glenuig.


The British sea fishing website is a good source of information for equipment, technique and to help identify what you have caught.


For more of an adventure on the sea, Ardnamurchan charters hire self-drive boats on Loch Sunart or do fishing expeditions for groups on their larger boat. The benefit of using them is not only do they know the best fishing spots, but there are plenty of opportunities to see the amazing wildlife the area has to offer or to head further afield and visit the Tresnish Isles.


Hopefully lots of options to either fit some fishing in as part of a wildlife trip or explore of Loch Shiel. For the more serious angler ways and places to spend your day enjoying your favorite pastime!


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