Dorlin Circuit Walk

Dorlin Circuit Walk

Dorlin Circuit walk

Recently I put an Instagram post about my perfect evening walk and thought why just keep it to Instagram let’s turn it into a blog post too, so others can enjoy. As I started writing this, I came across two lovely articles from the past in the Oban Times that give some of the history of Dorlin and Dorlin House. I think all too often we are only interested in Castle Tioram and it is nice to hear some of the more recent history of the place.

Parking at the White gate on the road to Dorlin making sure you don’t block the entrance to the gate. Set off from here on foot in the direction of Castle Tioram along the banks of the Rivier Shiel. From here you may be lucky enough to spot salmon jumping, ducks swimming, heron’s wading, maybe even a sea eagle or otter, if really lucky.

Walking along the old road it starts to come away from the river into a woodland area, where at this time of year there are beautiful Rhododendrons flowering. As you come out the woodland part you start to get views of Loch Moidart and Castle Tioram coming into view. At low tide the river cascades into the Loch some falling rapids but at high tide they merge at almost the same level.

Carry on toward the houses. Pasting the houses of Dorlin on your right and the old canning factory and ice houses on your left. There is a lovely article from the Oban Times about the old Dorlin Estate Canning factory and ice houses. - Digital Newspaper & Magazine Subscriptions

Past the houses the track now a tarred road continues along side the Loch past the small boat house and the Eilean Shona Pier. From here you get lovely views out to the small isles and across to Eilean Shona. The bit of road between the boat house and the pier is always a good spot for catching the sunset.

As you come past the pier Castle Tioram comes into full view, dependent on tide it may have lots of water around it or a huge, big beach. Looking up to the house on the beach this is where once Dorling House stood, the history of the house is told in this lovely article again from the Oban Times in 1964 The Story of Dorlin House, by North Argyll ( . Thank you to the Moidart History Group, for this.

Once you reach the gate where there is the car park just beyond and the main road, you have several options. Turn back and retrace your steps for a low level walk. To increase the walk and if the tide allows head out to the castle along the beach. Just remember if the tide is coming in that the causeway can get covered in water. Last option is to head back to the white gate via the road, this puts a couple of inclines into the walks. You climb up to the viewpoint across the road from the blue house. From here you get super views out to Muck and Eigg. Also, a great place for sunsets. The road continues inland now all the way back to the where you parked at the white gate.

Not a challenging walk but a really enjoyable one with lots of points of interest from river walk, sea loch, castle, wildlife and fora and flora and fauna. Plus, some off the best sunsets in the area.

Walk Facts

2.5miles if taking the road back without visiting the castle

Time Approx 1h



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